What didn’t kill me made me feel like a piece of shit for months.

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that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it

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28 days ago I said I just need somebody to lean on
Then you showed up
Away from you I feel the walls caving in
Hovering over me is the dark cloud trapped in my mind
But with you, I be wishing there was no such thing as time
I feel the heat of sunshine
I see better days
You don’t know it,
But you’re helping me through a really tough time
I haven’t even written a story in a while
Because I’ve been expressing my feeling through you every night
The way I screaming
creating physical poems
And with every orgasms creates a different line
In this case, a line of boundaries
The more I let you in, the more I seem closed off
I’m so cautious
I’m so afraid
I’m in defensive mode, when all I want is to be save